Riot Ban System Made Mute All A Necessity! Sucks To Play With No InGAME Interaction :(

Hey, Well not gonna lie I was one the most toxic players in the game last season. Probably because season 8 was the worst season League's History. I got banned 1 time last year with multiple chat restrictions. Well, that didn't really changed me obviously I still play the game and I'm still as toxic as ever, Maybe more. But my reason for being toxic is the same as always anyone who Trolls, Instalock or Is a Yasuo main You bet I will flame them regardless. And that's probably the reason of most of the toxic players they are just emotional about the game. Not to say that they don't deserve punishments but it's obvious no matter what Riot does it's a fact ( BANNING TOXIC PLAYERS WILL ONLY MAKE THEM MORE TOXIC ). Well that's not really an issue they can do whatever they want about the toxic individuals such as myself. It's just what effect it has on the community to avoid getting banned the best thing you can do is avoid tilt ( NO SHIT SHERLOCK XD ). Best way of avoiding tilt is just to avoid the individual cause it's obvious the league community is full of garbage trashes having no life at all. Mute all seems the best way of avoiding the tilt and therefore hopefully getting a good gameplay. Well it's obvious every good action just has a bad effect on at least one thing and for me this one thing is the (LACK OF INTERACTION) during the gameplay with other players. Hopefully Riot comes with a solution. BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT IT IS TOXICITY IS NEVER GOING AWAY AND THEIR BAN SYSTEM IS ONLY GONNA MAKE IT WORSE THEN IT ALREADY HAS THE BEST PART OF THE GAME WAS IT'S BIG AND INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY AND I'M PRETTY SURE THAT RIOT BAN SYSTEM HAS KILLED THE ONE GOOD THING THE GAME HAD WHEN I STARTED PLAYING IT. MUTE ALL MATE ...... MUTE ALL xD.
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