Life of an ADC in ranked

Hello, I mostly play ADC cause my friend does play TOP. Whenever i try to mid, our ADC/botlane will feed hard. So I dont play mid for that reason only. Now can u tell me how not to tilt, or how to make any progress to GOLD for example, when in the same day I had as support the following. Yasuo, Veigar, Ezreal, Kennen, Ekko, Brand. Those are all teh same day. Brand is common to be support as veigar is. Though how I am supposed to make any progress when the whole day is like this. I dodged the game with Yasuo, then I get ezreal, I cant dodge. Ezreal leaves the lane minute 6 and never comes back. Had to play all game vs morgana varus at botlane. Then I get a Kennen, my premade offer him the toplane, he refuses. Lost again. The last game I tried to go was with Ekko support. I said its okay cause I allready had those supports today, so its normal apaprently to get a random champ. Game is going to champ screen and I get bugsplat. I close the client, I open it again. I think that someone left last second. I try to go game, It doesnt let me. I restart client, same story, restart PC, trying again to go game, doesnt let me. Then I restart client again and I see that I got leaverbuster for 5 games and minutes ban. Seriously is there any reason for me to continue playing this game with so much toxicity in ir? Is it just me or its for everyone like this?
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