Which role trolls the most?

Every role flames, but in my experience, I have only experienced ADCs do the trolling. I know every role trolls but I really never saw anyone else do it. _____________________ I just "finished" a game on pbe. I say "finished" because the maintenance started just as we were about to eat their nexus turrets. But basically, I picked Ahri because I really enjoy playing her as a support. Just that E+Q poke combo to set the kill up for the adc is really fun for me. In, about, the fifth minute, I'm going 2v2, it's {{champion:103}} Ahri (me) and {{champion:67}} Vayne vs {{champion:498}} Xayah and {{champion:497}} Rakan. So I land a stun, and all that, Vayne is about to die to ignite, and I manage to kill Xayah with an auto attack. I clearly judged it as a non-ks situation. Vayne died before Xayah, so I'm like, yay we got her! Of course, Vayne immediately types "Report Ahri, I go troll." So she proceeds to feed, got up to 23 deaths at the 18th minute when the game got cut off, but we were owning! No clue why but their bot was bad, so I got up to 17ish kills or something. Vayne proceeded to feed Xayah so much, but the beauty of the bounty gave me cash! So almost every time I kill Xayah, I get like 950 gold or something! M-M-MONEEYYY! All this time, Vayne got overjoyed when i died, which happened like twice. I just had a really lovely game, but she kept spamming and dying. I even treated her like a lil disabled kid. I'm like Vayne, come on honey, let's get you a kill baby, come on. Ofc even then we couldn't get her into a fun gameplay mindset. Us 4 just had a blast, while Vayne was just... random. Plus I was even happier cause I'm like, guys, we're owning a game and we have a troll on our team!!! Would've won if pbe didnt go to maintenance, but I'm still happy! _____________________ So yeah, in your opinion, which role do you think starts trolling the most? I'd say ADC because even when i play mid, I saw cases of adc's trolling because their supports stole a kill. Or minions. It's usually after only ONE kill and over like... the supp having 7 minions by minute 5. Which is ridiculous. P.S. Check me out on YouTube! Just did a video on Akali due to her re-work https://youtu.be/wJMa_Lhi19s
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