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So I have been playing and I admit before I recieved a ban that was fair no perma ban just a week long ban I got taunted by my teammates and because of real life things it became too much and I inted (so dont get me wrong I admit I was wrong here) So now I have a second ban and this one is a perma ban for chat which I was reading and was pretty unfair one of the rules of league is not taunting and all I asked was why my team didnt came and help me in the jungle and why they didnt follow up from that point on I only got flamed by my teammates and they kept taunting me which again they cannot do I kept my cool and was just fooling around trying to get myself back in the game which they kept taunting me and because of a betrayel I got frustrated and said: ''you suck yourself you should have followed and olaf wouldnt have been fed'' for that I got a perma ban!? for some friendly banter chat with my friends in that game and now a perma ban for just having some fun but the others in the game didnt see it as friendly banter and they taunt me (AGAIN THEY CANNOT DO THAT) my perma ban is unfair I would atleast expect a chat ban or something but a perma ban for saying you suck you should have followed everyone has said you suck in the game
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