The " It's you, not your teams" quote

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this sentence. I have seen many people say it to others, be it on the boards or in the game itself. Mostly, as a response to people complaining about their teams "dragging them down" "being bad" "feeders" "afks, dcs" etc. And I can honestly tell you, I think, a LOT of people use this quote too carelessly. I myself have a devided opinion on it, but the ammount of "git gud and carry" "stop complaining about your teams you are the problem" is quite annoying lately, especially on the boards, where people have no insight of other's games or how they went, or what the individual did in the game. It's always just the generic "git gud" advice. Now, I do agree, that some people complain pointlessly about their teams and refuse to see the mistakes they make in the game, they focus too much on what others do and their mistakes, being too blinded by tilt and rage to see their own. I won't deny that. But what about those really unlucky ones? Those people who do consistently well every game, or 90% of their games, yet they still keep getting very very unlucky with their teams? "Oh, but the problem must be deffinitely in them, the chances of good ad bad teams are 50-50 hur dur" Wrong. We can all agree luck is a huge factor in this game, next to skill. But patch after patch, you have to agree, this game has been less and less about individual skill and more about teamplay, more about how you adjust to others and their playstyle, to what degree you are able to work with others for a common goal. So, in my personal opinion, there are those who are lucky, there are those who are unlucky, and those in between. Those who have to work very little to climb, those who have to work harder than most, and those who have to work just enough. I am not saying all of this without concrete examples of course. I will list them now. 1) On youtube, I took notice of a very nice positive streamer, top lane main, quite famous from his region. What intrigued me when I saw his yt videos, was his attitude. He was always just so positive, no matter how hard the game got, no matter how many mistakes people made, he always had this goody smile on his face and a cheery vice with the "it will work out" attitude. So I decided to watch his live stream, I mean he is diamond 4, so I could learn a lot from him. So first game, he fed pretty hard, but his team somehow managed to turn it around, without him really having an impact in the game and they won. He seemed pretty dejected since he didn't do well, but hey he won so next game will be better, he will do better. Next game, he went 2/15/2. And his team, again, almost won the game for him. But at some later point into the game, they couldn't 4v5 anymore and he lost that one. So basically, I was like, well ok maybe he is just having a bad day, we all have those. So I watched his stream the next day, he went 0/9 top, his team somehow got fed without him yet again, and he just joined the last tf where his team was already stomping to pick up some assists, and ended up 0/9/7. And won. The following day, same happened. Again and again. He feeds, team does well, he wins. He feeds, his team does well, he loses, but wins more. Not a single day in that week in which i watched his stream, did he actually do averagely or carried. It is a running gag on his twitch account that he is always carried too, but oh well, luck be luck. No wonder he is always so positive when he doesn't really have to worry if he does well or not. He even said.. "Hey i'm diamond, I must be doing something right! " But, I watched his games closely, he stayed top lane 90% of time, died, didn't get turrets or objectives, almost never used tp to impact the game etc. 2) Boards community and friends: So there is a post "omg my teams wtf is this". I enter, I see the person fed, most of their team fed, it was a bad game yes, but the person could have done better kda vise before complaining. Then I saw wards purchased, gold income, cs and death locations, and could see, depending on their role, why that game failed, if it was a mid laner, the other mid outroamed, if it was a top, the other top outcsed and outroamed, got more turrets, so basically, any role I could kinda guess what that person could have done better, but idk if that would have bee enough to win. Then, I see the other kind. The people, who have a consistent kda, cs, roams, vision, objective focus, everything. But they keep having the most ridiculous luck with matchmaking, and, before you say, if they were gud they would climb, no, it does not work like that anymore. Individual skill is of very very low importance at this point. Basically, game after game, be it someone from the boards or a friend of mine, I see their teams go regularly 1/11 on top, or, in more severe cases, not just one lane, but multiple ones. See, if there is only one lane out of control, you can handle it, any of us can, with right items, use of summ spells and tactics, but when you have 3-4 people who are extremely behind, "git gud" doesn't work anymore, does it? So here, the question is, if it is so bad, why don't they have a horribly negative win rate? And the answer is simple, these people are not frustrated about constantly bad teams, they are frustrated about the fact that they have to work 3-4x harder than other people, just to climb, they have to do perfectly game after game, they don't have the luxury to be bad, not one game, they have no luxury to go 0/3 or w.e And when they do well, they climb, barely, when they do bed they lose 90% of time. So no, they don't have a horribly negative winrate, but the wins they got feel hard earned, too hard even, compared to the losses that seem to come so easily, as stomps. So naturally, there are those unjustified whines, there are those justified ones. But when you tell those, who try hard every game, do their best, but just luck out, to "git gud" "it's you not your teams" , you will push them over the edge. They are angry enough as it is, at the unfairness of it all, and if they come here to write it out, to let out that frustration, you are pouring salt on the wound. These people seem angry to you, they seem outraged, they caps lock, say many mean things about their teams, but what everyone fails to notice is the message they are all trying to relay. "Help me, I keep losing and I can't do anything about it" "I'm sad" "I feel like whatever I do doesn't matter anymore, it's like things are out of my hands" That is the message those posts carry, and what is it they want to hear? You think they want to keep hearing the cliche of "it's you not your teams". Would you want to hear it in their place? Or would you just want someone to hear you out, and tell you they understand. Not all of us have the same luck, when it comes to this game, life, love, whatever. But we all seek comfort for when does things weigh us down. So, try to think next time, before you carelessly like many before you, write "git gud" etc. Look at that person, talk to them, get to know them, before you can judge their skill and think you know how their games go. I know people can actually "git gud" and carry, if they play like a god for their own elo's standards, but not everyone is capable of it. People play as well as the other people in their elo in most cases. It's not that easy. Anywho, this goes out to all you guys who feel like that, know there are people out there who get you. And the point of this post, well, just trying to, as usual, make this community have a better insight and knowledge of how others in the community feel like at times. Let's all try understand eachother a bit better before we jump to conclusions and fire out cliche advice or start judging someone based on their moment of weakness here. Gl hf guys.
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