Player throws our game then adds me afterwords to say he did it on purpose

Hey, (content removed) So we had a pretty poor ranked game where the Kayn jungle straight away in lobby said don't flame me or I'll mute you and I'll do worse if you point out my mistakes... whatever guy had a bad last game... then the game starts and he refuses to pay any attention to objectives and gets called out for it by 3 people on the team... then he starts playing even worse... w/e he got tilted as expected... only after flaming people back then adding me after the game he decides to admit he lost on purpose because people told him as jungle he should focus on objectives... can anything be done about this? arguing and flaming is one thing, usually solved by muting people but surely he can't be allowed to purposefully lose games and then add people afterwords to shove it in their face as some kind of meaningless revenge for people daring to tell him how to play? Thanks.
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