[]( I have seen lots of people hatin' over their teammates for being a kid. Now what's wrong with that? When we are young let's say 9 , 12 , 13 or something we are all getting hooked up with all of the mass media entertainment over the television we are in control of our parents we are all just joining the so called social network where everyone tries to impress someone, we all feel like there is no consequences of our actions. Only teachers and parents can judge you and if your parents think they are cool enough not to judge you . . . You end up breaking more and more rules, just so you can feel something bigger than the others. Some of us grow up understanding that those were just child's play and at the same time we are sorry to everyone we damaged during our child days. The rest are those who will call you a kid in your next ranked game, who will do everything to show you they are something bigger and better than you. And they are pretty much the reason why nowadays a young man would call you a kid while even he is under 13 year old. I know while being a child you are still in development state, trying to learn new things but some of your best memories, things that you're gonna remind yourself of, during your final hours of your life, are the same beautiful moments you experienced as a kid. You should be rather proud of getting through this state of your life instead of tell everyone it's a something bad and it sucks to be a kid. Btw I am only 17 years old and I know this image kinda sucks, it looks so retarded xD No offense, but really . . . Nvm kill Teemo! And btw the new client is kinda lagging, don't know why.
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