Do suspensions and bans work?

I have a "friend" who's first account got permabanned a year ago. This "friend" had bought lots of rune pages and skins and invested what probably would add up to a few hundred £ in to the account. The impact of the permaban on that person is that when they now buy an account through ebay, they dont invest any money in skin or the game, as they expect the account to be taken from them any moment. Fool me twice, shame on you. I myself have invested $600 in Star Citizen, that game isnt even released yet. So parting with income isnt a problem, but for he fear of being banned, i will not invest a penny in lol. Maybe other adults feeling the same way is one of the reasons for the declining profitability per player in lol. When someone does something dumb in a game, my "friend" wants to call them out on it. The reason for that is that time is a much more valuable asset as an adult, with a family and a job, being stuck in a game with people who do not respect the value of his time is frustrating. When your a kid, you have sooooo much free time. When your young you have time and no money. When your an adult you have money and no time. I think there should perhaps be an adult server where permabanned based on language should not be possible. As an adult, if my ears are to sensitive i can mute the person.
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