What is your opinion on dodging?

One time, I used to think dodging was something that nobody should have to do, that if you accept a game you follow it through until one team loses or one team surrenders. Now, I understand more why people do it. If you search for your teammates in op.gg while in champion select, you can gather a lot of information to predict the outcome of the game before entering the loading screen. You can see which of your teammates is first timing a champion, what their main roles are, whether they're on a winning or losing streak and their win rates on their played champions. It is surprising how many players don't pick their most played champion and instead opt for a champion that they have less than 50% winrate on, and then they complain in game about their team if it is not going well for them. Also, it may appear sometimes that a teammate "troll" picks, when in reality they are onetricking a champion and are forced into another role than their main, and end up doing well. I honestly think that it is necessary to dodge some of these games because of this information, but I also think that if every player in ranked made their best effort to pick champions that will statistically increase their chances of winning, it would reduce dodging overall. Of course, you could argue that each player can play what they like and they can, but be clever about what champion you select and when. If you see that three of your team are first timing champions and a win is unlikely but you can't dodge (because of e.g. Promos), go ahead and first time something yourself. On the other hand, if you have three good onetrick ponies, go with your most played too to secure the win. What do you guys think?
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