Ultra toxic duo strategy

I hope CM notices the thread so that he can compare my text with my last game which ended 02.8.2016 around 20:45 GMT lasting 48:44 this is what happens on daily basis in my games more or less, tho cases like these are really unique _There are players which enter matches just to ruin other players experience, they live for that ,and call it fun._ Amongst many cases, i will tell you about latest time: They queue as duo + premade >One player enters the game, calls about some connection problems, than quits the game to make his team weaker so that he can watch what the other player is doing and they can laugh together. . >Another player plays picks like Alistar/Anivia/Tahm which allows you to use your skills against your teammates and he repeadately kills his teammates, trolls, denies kills, blocks, doesnt help, and other similar things you can imagine. . >The player which quit after the 3rd minute mark, rejoins just before the match ends, so that he doesnt get marked by leaverbuster or afk reports. . >Most of the time they act like nothing happened ,but in my case when provoked ,they told me they reported me two games in a row on purpose to hurt me ,since they enjoy making wrongfull bans. Now you can imagine how this impacts the community, cases like these which circumvent tribunal ,or eventually ,long time after get suspended, than just create another account ,as THEY told me, "Its shit game, kid, we are having fun." This kind of fun in Aram i can understand, but in classic games which last longer, you waste the time of several other players which is a low move.
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