10 game chat restriction for this??

Game 1 In-Game iaapvper: all report cait iaapvper: she is gay irl iaapvper: idc yas none of it matters iaapvper: its just more fun iaapvper: loooooool iaapvper: LOL iaapvper: ur a noob XD iaapvper: report ks pls iaapvper: no i didnt? iaapvper: don t fkin show on my screen pls iaapvper: go afk iaapvper: dieeeee iaapvper: everytime u came mid its 1 loss iaapvper: i told u to never come mid ever iaapvper: if u come mid we lose iaapvper: LOL iaapvper: omfg yas iaapvper: the only bs is ur mom iaapvper: that made u lol iaapvper: yas you are sht admit it iaapvper: yas is one of best mid atm ... u need to admit u are shit to improve iaapvper: lol iaapvper: is this bronze?> iaapvper: lollllll iaapvper: wtf is this matchmaking iaapvper: lol iaapvper: wtf u doing stupid bot iaapvper: u wanna lose? iaapvper: go iaapvper: hit sur iaapvper: now iaapvper: u fkin stupid sht bot iaapvper: we have useless bot boyfriends with useless top.. enjoy iaapvper: 3vs1 noob iaapvper: useless bot useless top iaapvper: its like im having a dejavu iaapvper: look at this im going afk iaapvper: lets see how fast u win iaapvper: withoujt me iaapvper: this game is about me, i wonder why. iaapvper: you will lose if I dont play.. iaapvper: ok then win without me iaapvper: go on iaapvper: show me iaapvper: that im wrong. iaapvper: i already stopped playing iaapvper: keep talking about me iaapvper: fdklsdhg cock sdfrhdsfjsdfsdh shit sdfjsdfjksdfhsdfd my fkin ass iaapvper: speak fkin english rtard iaapvper: yas u are sht stop trying to cover it Game 2 Pre-Game iaapvper: iwrong iaapvper: im mid iaapvper: not u iaapvper: no iaapvper: wrong iaapvper: trust me u arent mid iaapvper: who cares iaapvper: dont %%%in push me iaapvper: or ill feed iaapvper: next time stfu In-Game iaapvper: dont come mid kid or u will lose iaapvper: suk my dik iaapvper: ur gona fkin lose iaapvper: i control the game iaapvper: 10% winrate iaapvper: 10% winrate remember iaapvper: good boy iaapvper: go iaapvper: ez ez iaapvper: suk my dik iaapvper: sit iaapvper: the fk down iaapvper: %%% iaapvper: dont FK with me iaapvper: stupid btch iaapvper: wrong mom with biggest tits wins iaapvper: fk off iaapvper: HAHAHAHA OMFG THIS GAME iaapvper: 173 cs veigar iaapvper: see now why u are sht compared to me iaapvper: and need to stf u next time Post-Game iaapvper: nice nice Game 3 Pre-Game iaapvper: i am mid none of u iaapvper: if u come mid = instant loss. In-Game iaapvper: u come mid is instant loss. iaapvper: dont say i didnt warn u iaapvper: doesnt matter iaapvper: im not crying btw just warning u iaapvper: enjoy iaapvper: u will see iaapvper: wtf was that fizz lol? iaapvper: FKIN SHT CNT DIE iaapvper: ur so dumb ryze iaapvper: fkin die irl iaapvper: right now iaapvper: ryze u deserve to be gas chambered iaapvper: guys, ryze mom was empragnat through her ass iaapvper: ezreal why u come mid? iaapvper: ezreal why u mid? iaapvper: wp iaapvper: LOL iaapvper: LOL iaapvper: nice recal rengar iaapvper: ok lose then iaapvper: ok iaapvper: ryze no x9 for afk? iaapvper: just me? iaapvper: report
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