Im not shamed because of flmaes i did here (Read)

well. good afternoon summoner's.. im not a flamer honnestly but "Im not even shamed or regretful about flames i did because theyr all Deserve it and I have too learn them something otherwise theyr being noobs for ever" first game " wow WOW/ i was playing rumble top lane "as u know rumble have a meta too play and btw ur pretty low before lvl 5 or without items, my wife calls me too tell me she takes ticket's for this weekend too ibiza (spain) the land of music and weather ! (everyone is happy in this case) well i forget too help voli on gromp. He `didnt even start too kill gromp or wait for my help (Even im doing my jungle alone without any help with any champs i play) guess what he comes too my lane Farming all waves pushing lane untill lvl 4 and then hes running away ( theyr top laner freezed lane out farmed me) he said now play fucking noob : lets see my chat whole game .. sadly u cant see his chats but FULL Flames trust me/ im the one of ppl who is only trying too farm up and use the mute button but in this case he deserve the flame :: *************************************************************** ? ? report voli i go afk 9x voli troll not my job learn to do it alone bronez trash fucking flaer flmaer amir i go afk i wont play with this kind of trolls didnt u farm 4 wave ? @ lvl 1 ? and pushed lane too tower make me gank able ? YEa because u cnat kill a gromp and i was on phone u have too fuck the lan ?! fyucking kid shame on u open top 9x voli 24/7 flame from talon and voli because i didnt help gromp :D voli pushed top and i have too show him The troll u have too man ok btw this guys blame me because i didnt help gromp :)) what a kid i didnt troll i got ganked because vo;o voli pushed lane wow what a good feeling when u mute the fmlaer this game is full of trolls hope this guys will get perma ban u dont deserve too win and they win with ur flames stfu pls u fucked the game this is ALL UR FAULT u trolled the game as u said u have too go In buttom of ello hell u deserve it with this behavior voli the CHAT is open u will see tomoroow what u said after u got Perma ban u cry because of gromp not me and pushing lane too make the lane gank able accept it voli u trolled pls report voli and talon premade Flamers make this game clear of this ppl no i wont play with this type of flamers right now talon said : u ahve too die in real life im always doing this voli u flamers should go too hell JUST GO TOO HELL ur chats is here voli u trolled my lane + flameing me klilling my focus and i feed thats all :P gg wp make this gmae clear of flmaers who is spam flame u because ur talking on phone and u cant help a gromp GPD GOD not ur bussiness learn too kill gromp alone as TANK junglere improve ur behavior really sorry i dont have but u will get perma ban soon everyone is flamers riot will judge from ur words 9x voli sadly i cant copy other chats got this 1 only in my mail. but as i said other games is 100% like this. And im Not Regretful about this.. and OFC i will do this more and more vs this type of players and trolls because its the only way too keep ur fun up " ********************** At the end i dont want u too judge this but " keep that in ur mind" when ur flmaeing someone u will kill his focus and ur lost the game from first flame words u write.. G.L {{champion:59}} For the king
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