Don't you love it when people run it down and go unpunished?

Just lost my promos for the fifth time and this is honestly just sad. The first game I had a Kai'Sa that started raging and running into the enemy team alone because she wasn't getting much kills and the game seemed over to her because of it, so she took the matter into her own hands to end the game quickly. The second game I had a Varus that also started raging and running it down because he was getting constantly killed by Rengar, while he was *alone* and *pushing* a lane. After dying like 6 times like that he just kept on doing it so that "the game can end sooner" and the sad thing about it is that they will just keep on playing and doing that, the report doesn't even do anything. Submitting a ticket also doesn't do anything considering you get a Blitzcrank bot response instead of an actual person to review it. Honestly I don't see a purpose of playing Ranked anymore if these people roam around ruining games. I guess I'm better off with Normals then if I have to play with them.
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