My account got PERMA BANNED due to "flame/toxicity"

Well, this is how story goes. *Please stick around till the end cause i'd really like to hear everyone's opinion and take the poll!* I am just a casual, normal league player who is just playing for LP. I really dont find this game funny anymore, im just playing it cause i'd like to prove myself i can get some bigger rank. I usually dont "flame much" at all, but people just became so sensible that everything you tell them, they consider that flame. My didnt get any bans, not a single one and one day, when i logged in wanting to que up for a game, i got a pop-up screen saying i've been banned for **14 days** and i was like, okay, i know what i did wrong. *(the reason i think i got banned) i played an ADC role as twitch and i was playing against blitzcrank who pulled me few times and i was just way too tired and frustratred and i wrote him 3 times %%%, nothing else.* I was like, okay, got it, i made mistake writting that so i came back to league after 14 days. I was just playing as usual, not flaming anyone, really trying to stay away from any possible beef with my fellow teammates and if someone tried to spamm-ping me or flame me, i'd just mute his chat/pings right away. I was just trying to behave as good as i could. Then, that one game came where all my team just played really badly beside me(ad) and the support. Since i play league for a long time, i know how this game works and i know what plays should i make, and which one should i not. My team started raging at me because i didn't follow their calls, which were pretty bad. I guess they reported me that game for negative attitude or what so ever. The second game i know surely i got ban for is the game where we had the guy, top laner, who played quinn and he played awfuly. He wasn't talking untill one point of the game where he started flaming some of the teammates. I just got so frustrated and told him: " QUINN DONT U %%%%ING SPEAK". I would really appreciate if you could help me by telling me whether this was legit ban, or Riot overreacted with their automatic system once again. I just don't know what to do anymore, i was like, really sad in a way when this happend. Here is the chat logs from the games: Game 1 Cixoman: cam u stop it bramnd Cixoman: please ? Cixoman: i just love this vi Cixoman: lee can u start beingh useful l? Cixoman: i mean, u picked early game champ Cixoman: not late game Cixoman: rpeorted Cixoman: griefing Cixoman: wow Cixoman: the int is real Cixoman: dude Cixoman: u are just bad Cixoman: u dont do shit Cixoman: lol Cixoman: i dont Cixoman: xayah was banned Cixoman: report me for not followin ur stupid calls ? Cixoman: go ahead please Cixoman: fiora muted Cixoman: 1/5 shit tallking lol Cixoman: i am suer u are Cixoman: mute all Cixoman: hey guys, could u please report fiora for constant flame ? Cixoman: thanks Cixoman: ?? Cixoman: Fiora just please keep it quiet and play game Cixoman: .. Cixoman: i did Cixoman: wow.... Cixoman: and u flamed me the entire game Cixoman: shut it Cixoman: yup Cixoman: welp guys Cixoman: \5 yo ? Cixoman: right ? Game 2 Cixoman: kaisa can be palyed as an adc ? Cixoman: nps bruh Cixoman: chill out noiw Cixoman: need mana to regen Cixoman: leave me kill... Cixoman: n1 Cixoman: wp Cixoman: help top j4 Cixoman: just freeze top and farm Cixoman: it's gg Cixoman: ff at 15 pease Cixoman: i just cant stand this leaguye Cixoman: with these teams Cixoman: jesus christ Cixoman: im so sick of it Cixoman: just Cixoman: ff this Cixoman: please open Cixoman: top reported Cixoman: hwo the %%%% did quinn lose so hard to fcking singed ? Cixoman: doing ok ? Cixoman: u play like shit lol Cixoman: "doing ok " Cixoman: can u just report this flamer ? thanks guys Cixoman: dude Cixoman: dont think u are good cause u came boit and collected 2 kills Cixoman: and then brag how u have 2/0 Cixoman: jesus chrirst Cixoman: u did nothing on mid Cixoman: oh god... Cixoman: QUINN Cixoman: DONT U %%%CING Cixoman: SPEAKJ Cixoman: ANOTHER WORD Cixoman: bg Cixoman: Bg Game 3 Cixoman: why didnt u do aa ? Cixoman: eh Cixoman: happens Cixoman: np Cixoman: nah, it's okay buddy Cixoman: it was just unlucky Cixoman: let me regen now a bit Cixoman: dont wanna risk Cixoman: play it safe mid Cixoman: this wave and b Cixoman: god.... Cixoman: we can open Cixoman: im done Cixoman: casue u are bad Cixoman: JSUT PLAY THE GAME Cixoman: JESUS Cixoman: what Cixoman: can u just Cixoman: shuyt the %%%% up Cixoman: and start doiing something useful Cixoman: fr this team ? Cixoman: let them Cixoman: lket them baron Cixoman: dont even try Cixoman: let them get baron Cixoman: we cant contest Cixoman: all back to baswe Cixoman: adn wait forr them Cixoman: we just need to get Cixoman: sisivr/velkoz Cixoman: THIS Cixoman: SKARNEE Cixoman: WAIT Cixoman: dude Cixoman: gtfo Cixoman: u did nothing Cixoman: and u are talking to me Cixoman: ? Cixoman: bg
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