A Warning to Players: you are NOT allowed now to say anything

> Game 1 SafeSpaceWarrior: I dont know how to play fiora btw SafeSpaceWarrior: dont kill me SafeSpaceWarrior: I know what singed does...gonna get early lifesteal to have sustain in lane SafeSpaceWarrior: I just never laned against him as fiora SafeSpaceWarrior: gl SafeSpaceWarrior: khazix flash SafeSpaceWarrior: singed tp SafeSpaceWarrior: zyra plat SafeSpaceWarrior: play safe SafeSpaceWarrior: can you not fight them? SafeSpaceWarrior: singed is afk SafeSpaceWarrior: if we lose 4v5 SafeSpaceWarrior: Im gonna be %%%%ing mad SafeSpaceWarrior: dont push dont die SafeSpaceWarrior: dont fight SafeSpaceWarrior: wp dude SafeSpaceWarrior: surrender SafeSpaceWarrior: yi you are 3/5 SafeSpaceWarrior: you do NOTHING SafeSpaceWarrior: why are you talking? SafeSpaceWarrior: you are literally zero SafeSpaceWarrior: especially compared to khazix SafeSpaceWarrior: I am 6/1 200 farm, khazix is 6/0 SafeSpaceWarrior: what did you do? SafeSpaceWarrior: a joke :) SafeSpaceWarrior: mid 1/3 SafeSpaceWarrior: bot 4/6 SafeSpaceWarrior: ff guys SafeSpaceWarrior: ok guys SafeSpaceWarrior: show me SafeSpaceWarrior: fight them :) SafeSpaceWarrior: gonna split top lane SafeSpaceWarrior: gl SafeSpaceWarrior: wp :) SafeSpaceWarrior: 3 for nothing SafeSpaceWarrior: I meant you died 3 SafeSpaceWarrior: lulu malz and vayne SafeSpaceWarrior: and killed nobody SafeSpaceWarrior: that is 3 for 0 :D SafeSpaceWarrior: gj SafeSpaceWarrior: go fight them again SafeSpaceWarrior: it works :d SafeSpaceWarrior: ahri no R SafeSpaceWarrior: just saying little feeder :) SafeSpaceWarrior: little silver :) SafeSpaceWarrior: cute SafeSpaceWarrior: xD SafeSpaceWarrior: good players :) SafeSpaceWarrior: feed more :) SafeSpaceWarrior: the legends :D SafeSpaceWarrior: oh wait SafeSpaceWarrior: I killed 3 SafeSpaceWarrior: must be bad :) SafeSpaceWarrior: interesting..so how did you die so much ? :) SafeSpaceWarrior: 8 deaths SafeSpaceWarrior: bravo SafeSpaceWarrior: talent .) SafeSpaceWarrior: support muted...not even a real player :D SafeSpaceWarrior: xD SafeSpaceWarrior: haha :d SafeSpaceWarrior: I'm gonna do what you guys do SafeSpaceWarrior: go and die SafeSpaceWarrior: it works for you SafeSpaceWarrior: :D SafeSpaceWarrior: 9 deaths yi is talking SafeSpaceWarrior: ohj he can push the right click SafeSpaceWarrior: wp my man SafeSpaceWarrior: finally you did smething :D SafeSpaceWarrior: you can baron SafeSpaceWarrior: but you have no brain SafeSpaceWarrior: silvers SafeSpaceWarrior: hahahahahahaha SafeSpaceWarrior: oneshot SafeSpaceWarrior: wp guys SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: lets %%%%ing lose SafeSpaceWarrior: because you died under turret SafeSpaceWarrior: 3 of you SafeSpaceWarrior: so good SafeSpaceWarrior: 11 death yi SafeSpaceWarrior: how do you do it? :D SafeSpaceWarrior: we just needed to group as five top lane and push...they have no mid and bot inhib SafeSpaceWarrior: but that is too much :D Game 2 SafeSpaceWarrior: just pull the blue SafeSpaceWarrior: bot lane lost the game SafeSpaceWarrior: she is 5/0 SafeSpaceWarrior: veigar is garbage SafeSpaceWarrior: wp top SafeSpaceWarrior: I have no mana dude SafeSpaceWarrior: no vision SafeSpaceWarrior: why are yo umid sivir? SafeSpaceWarrior: go bot SafeSpaceWarrior: I can still hand le mid SafeSpaceWarrior: yeah take my farm SafeSpaceWarrior: ok dude SafeSpaceWarrior: let them end pls SafeSpaceWarrior: sivir loses turret then takes mid farm SafeSpaceWarrior: the gold legend SafeSpaceWarrior: as I said SafeSpaceWarrior: I dont care anymore SafeSpaceWarrior: yep SafeSpaceWarrior: I even flashed before SafeSpaceWarrior: adn inted a kill SafeSpaceWarrior: :D SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: xd SafeSpaceWarrior: I'm gona split the whole game SafeSpaceWarrior: until you surrender SafeSpaceWarrior: this is how I dont give a %%%% Sivir SafeSpaceWarrior: you lost bot turret SafeSpaceWarrior: and for no reason took all mid farm SafeSpaceWarrior: see if I give two %%%%s about this game SafeSpaceWarrior: cuz I dont :D SafeSpaceWarrior: and btw the reason Shen lost blue buff...was you SafeSpaceWarrior: sivir SafeSpaceWarrior: when you got pulled like 5 times SafeSpaceWarrior: even though you saw them SafeSpaceWarrior: then you recalled and free blue SafeSpaceWarrior: wp SafeSpaceWarrior: keep fighting SafeSpaceWarrior: it works :D SafeSpaceWarrior: oh wait...no Brand ult there SafeSpaceWarrior: so you all die SafeSpaceWarrior: hehe xD SafeSpaceWarrior: yes SafeSpaceWarrior: I dont want to play with garbage all the time SafeSpaceWarrior: dw SafeSpaceWarrior: they will finish now SafeSpaceWarrior: yeah yeah yeah SafeSpaceWarrior: lets see that teafmight SafeSpaceWarrior: guess it did not went well :) SafeSpaceWarrior: unlucky SafeSpaceWarrior: :) SafeSpaceWarrior: xd SafeSpaceWarrior: 4v3 I got ult and you guys run like the gold little %%%%%es SafeSpaceWarrior: you are SafeSpaceWarrior: amazing SafeSpaceWarrior: vs a blitz and veigar :D SafeSpaceWarrior: too good SafeSpaceWarrior: you deserve this loss SafeSpaceWarrior: now I'm confident SafeSpaceWarrior: ooooooooooh SafeSpaceWarrior: that's a tilter :) SafeSpaceWarrior: you guys too SafeSpaceWarrior: keep fighting SafeSpaceWarrior: it works .D Game 3 SafeSpaceWarrior: vi top SafeSpaceWarrior: bait SafeSpaceWarrior: they had both heal and flash SafeSpaceWarrior: what the %%%% are you guys doing bot lane??? SafeSpaceWarrior: what,?? SafeSpaceWarrior: useless shit SafeSpaceWarrior: losing turrets left and right SafeSpaceWarrior: stay bot you idiot SafeSpaceWarrior: yeah that is all you can do "reported" SafeSpaceWarrior: that is all you are good for dude SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: lets lose SafeSpaceWarrior: 9/3 vlad very funny heimer SafeSpaceWarrior: you are very useful SafeSpaceWarrior: thanks SafeSpaceWarrior: gonna int another one SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: xd SafeSpaceWarrior: yes SafeSpaceWarrior: so funny you lose bot turrets SafeSpaceWarrior: and roam without a brain SafeSpaceWarrior: nice farm dude SafeSpaceWarrior: is that silver 5? SafeSpaceWarrior: :D SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: mid and jungle difference is real SafeSpaceWarrior: vlad will 1v9 now SafeSpaceWarrior: wp :) SafeSpaceWarrior: haha SafeSpaceWarrior: all planned SafeSpaceWarrior: well they used 3 ults on me and mumu so SafeSpaceWarrior: you win with Varus...I can splitpush SafeSpaceWarrior: xd Greetings, I'm not here to look for sympathy or to criticise the system. I think both are pointless. I merely wish to warn any and all players that you can no longer use the chat unless you want to get restricted. This is the new reality. Getting banned for racism / death threats / name calling etc. is completely understandable. At this point however you will get restriction for saying horrible stuff like "you are bad" and calling real silver players "silvers". Pointing out FACTS that bot lane is 1/7 or that they lose the turret 2v2 before 10 minutes is now an OFFENSE. If you want to avoid being chat-restricted play like a robot...don't say anything because this new generation is so fragile. Wonder if they ever played sports in real life.....when they %%%%ed up, what did their teammates or the enemy tell them? (btw everything here is team chat, I disabled all chat long ago) GG Riot..hope you lose more and more players. You created a community of snowflakes. Bravo! :)
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