14 day ban unjustified

Game 1 In-Game 2plus2isnt4: so in normals i get golds plats diamonds and in ranked i get poeple who lost 20x in a row 2plus2isnt4: ww go bot 2plus2isnt4: MAN 2plus2isnt4: yes ok 2plus2isnt4: go mid 2plus2isnt4: go mid reatrd 2plus2isnt4: bruh 2plus2isnt4: what a %%% 2plus2isnt4: what ashite 2plus2isnt4: report pls report 2plus2isnt4: just report 2plus2isnt4: can u not push u %%% 2plus2isnt4: fck off from bot 2plus2isnt4: go to mid and farm 2plus2isnt4: LOOK BOT WW 2plus2isnt4: FCKIN SHOVING 24/7 AND U GANK 0 TIMES 2plus2isnt4: idiot 2plus2isnt4: sht jungle 2plus2isnt4: sht support 2plus2isnt4: sht midlanme 2plus2isnt4: report ww 2plus2isnt4: BRAND COME ERE 2plus2isnt4: see what i mean trash team 2plus2isnt4: report riven and jungle so this is my game report which i got after i logged in to my acc. tell me what part of this deserves a 14 day account suspension. i came to the conclusion that i will be officially giving up on league and its toxic people going untouched by their ban system, you see all these responses were a combination of responses to the players intentional feeding schemes, like brand purposely hitting the enemy ward while he clearly sees the enemy approaching and of course getting killed, feeding the enemy adc ( clearly on purpose ) the riven going 0/9 in 10 mins top lane, the midlane not pushing the lane and letting the enemy midlane roam. the twitch jungle not knowing how to play his champ and plays him on ranked... the smurfs that bought lvl30 accounts to smurf on ranked because clearly the new ranking system is %%%%ED. The people that told me to go KILL MY SELF arent banned even though they were reported. This is whats really going on in this community. people are gonna call me toxic, but does this level of toxicity deserve a 14 day ban, when you have people saying so many wrong things like saying the N word? and going unnoticed? ive spend playing league almost 3 years and today is the last day i will be playing this game, fortunately i came to the conclusion that this game is nothing but spiked sorrow and waste of time, it causes depression because of the amount of time you have to spend behind a computer screen to actually get somewhere in the ranked system and the story keeps going on and on. good bye league, you will not be remembered.
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