Accused of scripting. A complement or problem?

Sometimes when I play a champion with a lot of skillshots or outplay potential people tell me im **scripting **or using some kind of **3rd party program**. I always tell them "Ty I take that as a compliment." {{sticker:katarina-love}} Not to be cocky or anything but the last weeks I started to hear it more often. In post-game people would convince their team (sometimes even on my own team...) to report me. Then i get all the @/%?&!talk and start blaming me or flame me, if it went too far, like death threats, i would just report them myself becouse toxicity is #1 irritation in LoL. Now is the question I have: **If Ritogames sees I get so much reports on scripting, are they going to do something like ban my account or get it suspended? Even when im not scripting? ** (just to be clear i'm not smurfing in these games, it is the rank i'm in for a couple of months and this ain't my smurf) (also Riot stop deleting my posts)
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