Is it just me?

Since a month ago, I can't win ANY ranked game I play, no matter what. Whatever I do, I always lose the game, for example, I'm 4/0 at 20 minutes and my team is doing good? I'm still going to lose it, NO MATTER WHAT. It's just so ridiculous. Pople say it's not true that I lose because of my team and that I just cry but what can i do when all lanes besides me fall very behind, for example my last game, I was mao top, started with something like 2/0/1, enemy adc was 6/0 at the time, enemy midlaner was 3/0 I think, and it's just almost impossible to win, it's also low silver since I fell from s2 to s4 (almost s5 now) and it makes everything even harder. My games are completely fine on my other accounts, I got from s4 to g5 super easily on my second account, but on this account I can't win. I think it is cursed or something because there is no other explanation, what do you think? What should I do? I'm already playing almost only aram and twisted treeline because of this. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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