How to get banned : Complete tutorial

**Step 1** Insult your enemy if he's killing you. If you're getting camped afterwards, amplify that flame, it will help you pump up the blood pressure and play better. **Step 2** Insult your team for no reason. **Step 3 and 4** Insult anyone if they don't play like you want Start insulting the one who's flaming the most Oooops, i've lied... it's a tutorial about how to watch "the game is dying" type of player while drinking coffee and help him getting banned afterwards. End of game: ^ Grinding level 7 Leona for that upcoming sweet skin! **Step 5? ** Keep watching him flaming post game, get honored and report something that should be banned from existence. I wish i could get an IFS, just to make my day better. The last step would be to come on boards and create a new thread **I've been banned unfairly, this game is dying, they were tilting me, i was defending myself**
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