KDA vs win

Hi. I only play a few months, can't say I'm that good yet but the most frustrating thing in LoL for me are players who prioritize kills over victory and I get teams like that ALL the time. I would say those are the majority of players in this game. I keep standing on my line, getting enemy turret somewhere in 15 min range and they run allover the place, so one or two other lines end up crushed and it's almost always a slow death from that point on. And what do you know, they have such fancy 18/8/10 but we lost. Again. And again. And if I say anything, I'm the asshole with like maybe 2/1/5 but my line still stands with all the turrets even after I kept helping them and our nexus is gone. It's actually getting to the point where I don't want to play anymore, I like winning more than flashy kills. So my question here, is there a club or a place where I can find likeminded people and play with them? My irl friends don't play LoL.
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