trolling in a ranked game for absolutely no reason at all

i just had this ranked game in soloq im plat2 and im a support main. this adc tristana on my team just randomly wanted to troll so he learned w lv1 and he tries to invade the enermy jungle by himself and they got a thresh, the result for sure is that he dies and gives the enermy midlaner a fb and then he comes back to lane but he sits in the turret and is basically afk. he did not take a single cs the whole game and i was abit shocked so i typed in tema "rly 0 cs" at 4min mark and then i got flamed by my jungler and he blames me for making tristana to troll and tries to defend for this tristana when i literally did nothing at all. the tristana later roamed to mid to troll on the midlaner and the jungler also said "f*** ur mum" to me when i did nothing. and this game ended at 15min mark with tristana at 0cs and he starts to say report me cause me and toplane just gave up because it wasnt winnable with a troll on the team and i sold my support income item and brought tear and mana crystals. and then this tristana laughs at me for getting flamed by master yi in the end game {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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