14 day ban

Hi ~ OK. I got two games which I would answer to those kids who start the flame with not a single reason, They like telling my everything possible to hurt me for %%%in whole game and even after they trying to add me LOL. Its nothing new to me its happens a lot. BUT WHY THE %%% I JUST GOT BANNED FOR LIKE ANSWER ONCE OR TWO TIMES TO THIS ANNOYING KIDS??? the funny part, the people sometimes so %%%in autistic. they somehow choose to report me the guy which almost not speaking all game doing the best for the victory and trying the best to ignore toxic behaviour just because ??WHAT ?? WHY?? I don't even know. I decided finally to QUIT this game after getting banned for %%%in NOTHING. YES NOTHING , I do not %%%in flame whole game and do not rage like a kid but yeah when someone wants to kill my family etc I will answer once or two. Then I got banned lol. RIOT You created a great game but your report system is %%%%ing garbage and the game has a lot of kids which cant control their emotions and then normal people have to get those bans for what? just because I answer them? This game becoming for children under age 16. I would not like to keep waste time in such a game, %%%% YOU RIOT and your toxic small d1ck community. Here some screenshots the reasons of my ban : https://imgur.com/6EVTczO https://imgur.com/8kClb1X https://imgur.com/Bu4wcGK https://imgur.com/b8Orddw https://imgur.com/8IOpZyJ https://imgur.com/kk5IrjY https://imgur.com/BViemRd https://imgur.com/neRjLmc https://imgur.com/YQRIFaV
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