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On my last game one of my teammates was Trolling on solo/duo ranked and I'm not sure how report him. I had a Heimer top and he was mad since the start because He was last pick and we (all team) ask him if he can pick a top tank. We also said to him that the enemy top was his counter, but he still pick Heimer. We dont flame him and dont said a word, because he can be good with him. When the game start (on min 4 more or less) enemy mid and enemy jungle gank him, we ping him and try to catch them, but he die. We ask to him if he saw the pings, because he was pushing a lot, and he said that he mute all pings in all games because people spam it and he start to flame us because he die. On min 15 more or less enemy was near our base by mid because top, mid and enemy jungler was pushing together and jungle and mid cant stop them. When that happend (and top die by suicide on a tower) He said to us that he def mid. Since that moment he was on mid inhibitor "afk" (well, to avoid ban he was moving arround inh and if the enemy go there he go into respawn) In what category i should report him? I already report him for flamer, but im not sure how report the trolling on this "player". Sorry for my bad Engish. EDIT: I found a another troll, he was Bard ADC 0/5/1. It was more or less the same because he flame the supp for stay in his line and later he play alone and flame all because all teammates were brainless and he is the master Bard and people dont understand (We had a Soraka supp with a full supp build and she do more dmg than him). For me its the same case. In what category i should report him?
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