Are you serious riot?

So... yes, i get it, i flamed. A stupid yasuo lost top 1-7 no matter the camping he got and no matter how hard he was losing he kept towerdiving enemy vlad. Ok, i flamed him, since that was my promo to platinum. That's nice riot. So, he reported me. Fine. So, you gotta punish me for flaming. That's fine. But was it too hard to wait for me not being on mid-champ select to tempban me? Seriously, i'm ok with the ban, but was it too hard? The same way you don't get banned midgame, because, you know, it's midgame. Was it necessary to kick me out of the champ select and make me lose the promo? It shouldn't count as a loss, since it was not intentional dodge. But yeah, you know, riot client is so-well-designed that champ select doesn't count as being ingame.
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