Well, off I go, have fun playing League Guys.

So, I got banned for 14 days and I thought I can help myself by not flaming, its been going great for 5 weeks now, but then I got in a game. I just completed my Platinum 2 promos and got there, then suddely I got a Zed support. I didn't think much of it untill he started taking my farm, still didn't say anything. Elise started harassing me for dying to their jungler and I still didn't say anything. I was quiet and responded ''dont worry we'll win'', when she responded with ''your mom wins when i fuck her'', I snapped, my mother died a year ago, and I couldn't hold in my rage, I bombarded him with hatefull comments and harassment and it was totaly deserved That I got banned for it, but I also think I shouldn't have been banned... Any thoughts on this, and good luck on the fields of justice... **EDIT** Some people wanted the chat logs so here it is; Game 1 Tracer Here: uh... Tracer Here: dont worry we win Tracer Here: stop talking about my mom fuck Tracer Here: STOP TALKING ABOUT HER YOU FUCKER Tracer Here: WHAT'S WRONG WTIH YOU STOP YOU FUCKING DICK Tracer Here: YOU'RE SO FUCKING RETARDED FUCK Tracer Here: FUCKING STOP TALKING ABOUT MY MOM Tracer Here: YOU'RE RETARDED, FUCKIGN IMBICILE **EDIT 2** I'm done with everything, I'm done with League, I'm done with Life, My mother meant everything to me and after that, I was depressive, my friend introduced me to League and it was amazing, everything was done, I could focus on it and my depression went away, after everyone is harassing me, talking about my mother I snapped and I harassed him yes, but it was provoked harassment. I'm done with everything, I hope I get run over by a car.

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