Chatbans by RIOT - fake reason showing incompetence of ppl working in support.

Hello, I am really annoyed about what is RIOT doing with Us as Players, can any1 let me know why do i have been banned from chat for 10 games according to my logs sent to me by RIOT worker to show what i was doing wrong: Game 2 Ingame HA3L: y HA3L: i hope u can kill him HA3L: y HA3L: he will break your nuke dmg HA3L: so lucky HA3L: gosh HA3L: shyv HA3L: can u gank HA3L: or shall i push? HA3L: perfect HA3L: well HA3L: i can already let him take turret HA3L: im 0/2 and u not ganking HA3L: will be easye top for him HA3L: 1/6 HA3L: we can already surrender this game HA3L: irelia is hypercarry HA3L: as u see HA3L: she is 4/0 HA3L: and will kill me even under turret HA3L: i know this matchup HA3L: i told shyv to gank HA3L: after 2/0 HA3L: but she ignores me' HA3L: irelia will kill u all lategame with no problems HA3L: we should surrender 15 HA3L: and dont waste time HA3L: like i said HA3L: better jngl wins HA3L: we got nothing HA3L: just look top HA3L: she will be unstoppable now HA3L: cause our jungler decided to ignore top HA3L: after 2/0 HA3L: man u stright ignored HA3L: when i said i need gank HA3L: what more u want?? HA3L: in difference to you, jarvan ganked her HA3L: 3/13 HA3L: it will be only worse HA3L: she will now constantly kill me under turret HA3L: 3/19 HA3L: sad HA3L: like i saiod HA3L: we can do nothing HA3L: after 2/0 top looked that way HA3L: like now mid HA3L: i can just do nothing HA3L: i gave her 1 kill HA3L: than she get gank by j4 HA3L: than it was over HA3L: thats how it ends when u ignore team needs HA3L: y Lobby HA3L: such a good game HA3L: :) HA3L: could do nothing top after 2/0 and shybana stright ignored when i beg for gank HA3L: shyvana 1 thing HA3L: if all lines lose HA3L: its rather jungler HA3L: who failed HA3L: and ganked nowhere Can i expect some RIOT worker to join this discussion? Or the incompetence of this Company workers is a daily bread and butter? I expect that i will have to have this 10 games chatban, but I am not agreeing to this beeing left in my account data for future!
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