keep game clean and safe for childrens

Ok summoners, listen up, this game is 12+ years so you need to keep this game clean, no cursing or swearing, and no sexual content ok? good! now after you understand that children minds are fragile and easily influenceable also are like a sponge that absorb bad content, you need to keep the game clean great, now that you are on same page check some nice league content like new miss fortune skin you like it ? greate, keep game clean and no sexualty ok ? especially NO SEXUAL CONTENT! PS: I almost forgot, for under no circumstance don't be sexist, especially boys to girls, its very bad to be sexist and use girls like an object and have no respect for them Girls are not just butt and boobs, they are smart and intelligent persons which need to be respected oh btw did you saw the new mf skin ? keep in mind a young girl mind is very fragile and if you are sexist with her she can close herself and become sad and depressed and not be able to trust mans and form healthy relationships and she will start to think that looks and slim and fit and boobs and butt it's everything she will start to hate herself and her body if she has no perfect forms, so no sexism ok ? GIRLS ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS! ooh did you saw dj sona skin ? how about new mf skin ? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thank you RIOT for keeping the game safe and clean, if I had a kid and was a little girl I would feel so safe to let her play the game since its free from sexism and bad language, I will be happy for her to learn from this game and this smart and powerful and independent women's characters, like dj sona, miss fortune, evelin.
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