Does reporting someone even work?

I'm getting more tired of this game by the hour, sick of people flaming, inting or just being toxic in general, in the last 3 game i met someone who banned my champ in champ select, called me a nerd and a dumbass even before the beginning of the game, and just a moment ago i lost a ranked for a similar reason, midlaner bans yasuo cause he didn't want our adc to pick him and as a revenge our botlane goes 0/19 in the first 7 minutes of the game and I'm SURE that both the trolling botlane and the flaming midlaner will be fine. Why even bother wasting 20 minutes of my time + queue to play this god awful game with people like this unpunished? I don't know anymore, what are your opinions? Do you often recive the message that confirms you that your report has been accepted? Do you have any inputs on the matter? In my opinion the tribunal shold come back...
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