How to get angry before u even play a game?

Thats easy just lock in to ranked SoloQ. There is massage for all instalockers, only main players, and premades etc. 1st If u will cry and talking like u never play support, u dont have support runes, u play only XXXX. This will not help u u just have to pick what your team need. 2nd When u wath Legue of children u should stop doing this things in rankeds, thats only way how to make ppl angry, and something like I WON LAST GAME GO LOOK AT LOLKING. I know that u want to have more fun with this game but is u will pick roaming jungle blotz please go to normals. 3rd If u are premade with your friend, the lobby is not about you and your friend, theres 3 more ppl who can be higher pick then u and take role u want to play. Words like: BUT IM PREMADE WITH (name) U SCRUB, IM ON SKYPE WITH HIM. This will not help u at all. I just qued up to all of these situations and always me or someone normal from team leave, becouse he want to save LP (lose 3 lp is better then 20), and what happen when i want to found next math: U have leave so much Mathes so u have to wait 20min for 5times (i rly dont know the correct words but i think something like that was write in massage, just u have to wait 20min before u will be join to queue 5 times), aaand im done, so after all noobs, instalockers, stupid ppl i got this. Just becouse i want to save some LP. (I will be blessed if riot will read that becouse riot dont care about things in lower elo problems, they just care about diamond+ and LCS)
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