Should "reformed" players stay perma-banned?

Hi peeps! {{sticker:garen-swing}} I'm 'Moenky' and i'm 14 years old. I'm curious on you guys' opinions on players like me, who truly regret their descisions on toxicity in the past that lead to a perma-ban. So i've been playing this game for 3 to 4 years now and lately I thought that it would be fun and cool to start being toxic and I said bad things that I can't say on forums, they were un-meant suicidal jokes that are my kind of humor weirdly that were as a joke targetted to my **own friend** and right after that game I got the 14 day ban immediatly. I wrote a ticket but the Rioter who replied found it to be negative to my team anyway, the weeks following I got angrier because of that ban and started getting more toxic in that time period of the ban. When I was unbanned I was toxic to my teams almost 1 game every day and 1 week later ( 12 October ) I got perma-ban for repeatingly toxic behaviour. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Ofcourse i'm not like that anymore and never will be again, and wrote a ticket to the support department and they thought that it would also be unfair to the teammates to just unban me and because it was deserved and there are no second chances to perma-bans. I just don't know why I ever thought that would be a good idea, wreck a 4 year account where i've spent over 80 euro on, but do you guys think that I deserve my account back now im reformed or do you guys think this is deserved after only being mildly toxic ( not racist ) in a 3 week period? Ask for the chat logs if you want to. If anyone who i've upset in games or annoyed in games is here, I would like to apologize even tho it's a small chance there is someone here from one of my games..... Everyone makes mistakes, only some of them are worse and more idiotic than others. Hope I could ever get my account back and **Truly** follow the summoner's code, which I clearly haven't understood to do in the past. I tried being like RatIRL and some other infamous toxic people but I never thought I would be toxic enough to get perma the first couple of weeks.... I do think that lots of people don't deserve perma-ban anymore because they really have changed and regret their choice and I don't think that the guys who reported him for it would ever care about unbanning the player. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time with reading this discussion. {{sticker:katarina-love}} Have a nice day and GL&HF on the rift! :)

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