dear riot im sick to the damn teeth of you doing absolutely nothing about toxic people and trolls in ranked, im sick and tired of you pathetic match making system that keeps making me with iron morons when im trying to get out of bronze 4 i should not be expected to carry trolls and inters. Secondly your forums are also a damn joke its ok for people to int and ruin others games and there are numerous posts all saying the same thing and relating back to the same thing im posting about now and yet you still do nothing about it???. What do you want just lcs and no player base your ranked system is beyond broken and its damn near pathetic and so you are for nothing but ban people who name and shame and instead of looking up said names and just banning them you just delete the evidence. Your f**king pathetic and im done im uninstalling now and you can officially do f**k yourselves. and go on delete this post because its offensive or in the wrong topic or contains the truth im done bye riot your pathetic im done wasting my days trying to climb in a game of luck no skill just who has the most trolls. Oh and also a little side note to those people who are gonna go get good see ya, then you are also very much the issue because you have the same mentality. Sort your game out before you lose more players your a joke, i have other things to do with my life than waste time on this laugh of a game, nine years now riot and its just getting worse well done.
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