New Player Observations

So I've been playing for around 2 months (except for when I dabbled for 2 weeks after 2017 worlds), a friend of mine is a supp main so it's natural for me to play ADC since he can walk me through it. I get that ADC isn't meta right now but I really enjoy playing Xayah, so thats who I main, and who I will continue to play until i understand the games eb and flow better regardless of off/on meta etc. NOW THEN, some observations (some based on feedback) Only play PVP if you WILL win lane, god forbid you want to learn the game in a more realistic environment. Either, im way behind the curve of my 2 month colleagues, or i'm getting a smurf everygame because I seem to be behind on CS 80% of the time. I am reminded of this by my team-mates, particularly shaco's. I've never had any comeback on a report for abusive language, so whats the point me using it. I should just go and play bot games Bot games are useless for more advanced play and learning to outplay opponents, so what's the point of using it (except win of the day) But i'm told to go play bot games instead of ruining people day (those who have more to worry about than league will also find this hilarious) Crit ADC's don't do enough damage, so whats the point using them (I see the pro's aren't tbh) Don't play the champs you enjoy, especially on unranked, play the champs that win (so basically Lucian, Jhin, MF and Ez, oh and Varus since yesterday) Don't use Xayah's Ult offensively, you'll waste it (I've been told this a few times) If the enemy is attacking, I should charge towards them and turn the fight around with my amazing off-meta damage, particularly shutting down the irelia who's 12-0. Don't use Xayah's Ult defensively, you'll waste it (This also, i'm just going to stop using it xD) I should kill myself (the person wasn't banned for this) If you're playing ARAM, I should be master teir with it with my given champ, even if I didn't know that champ existed until now, I shouldn't make excuses. Don't play with builds, mobafire is god (I'm reminded of this when I don't buy stormrazor first because I want to see what happens early/mid if I get essence reaver or something first) Don't play with runes, mobafire is god (Because deciding nullifying orb against a neeko, arhi and morgana would be a stupid thing to take over abolute focus or gathering storm) I get Xayah isn't really a new player champ, but I enjoy playing her, the root is fun and if I do get to late game she comes alive, I like the high risk high reward play style and if you do make a mistake, you have her ult. her mobility is annoying but something to work around and I'd love some extra range but you play with the cards your dealt and it might not be the best hand, but I like these cards and I'm sticking. I understand it's preseason, which frankly means people should be even more relaxed about people testing and playing casually. But why is draft/blind so competitive also, wheres the playlist people use to unwind or get a game in because I've got a spare hour? Where can I go to get some constructive feedback about where I'm going wrong and not just "OMG YR SO BAD U NEED TO UNINSTALL ALT-F4!!!" I've been matched against Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat and Diamond players, so I'm struggling to get consistant games in where I can really learn what works and what doesn't Just curious if there's any other new players around that are enjoying the game who are having the same experience with the more seasoned players. I get these people want to win, I've played other games competitively, particularly FPS's, but I get SO much grief, and the kicker is, i haven't played ranked yet, I daren't.

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