KDA players are grabage.

We all had them, players who care more about their KDA than their own team and whenever they win or lose. Players who goes 2/0/1 and says their stats are the best in the game, when everyone has over 4+ kills but 1-2 deaths, those people who just basically do nothing but sitting on their lane afk farming and saying "Look at my farm, my farm is much higher than yours" and there's those players that goes 0/5/0 the first 15 mins and then as soon as team joins this 0/5/0 Yasuo player he gets pentakill thanks to his team and then flames them cause he thinks himself being the carry. Oh I forgot more of those players who goes 0/5/0 or those who likes to sit in their lane and do nothing but farming are usually those peeps who wants ganks the most, either to zone their opponent from farming, so they can farm more or to have an excuse for playing over aggressive. (Yasuo players, I'm looking at you) And then there's the classic mage supports all bot laners love who either takes every kill for themselves or farm lane while saying "I need gold too". Get these guys out of here, I may be a Pyke support, but at least my ultimate share the kill gold, compared to these kids. My personal favorite are junglers who play Lee sin, Yi, Nunu, J4 or Zac and doesn't gank anyone before 12 mins into the freaking game where it's either already lost or already won, like come on you are playing a ganker who can easily gank lanes with high damage, high CC spells and just great cap closers. What's the point in sitting in your jungler for 12 mins and farming? For a Nunu I can maybe understand if it's for securing Rift or dragons but that's the only ganker type jungler who can do that thing and their excuses are always the same "It's always the junglers fault, but you guys lost lane early I can't help bad players". The players that jungler is playing with has the same freaking MMR as himself, you're equally as bad no matter if you are a diamond player and the guy you flamed are a Iron 4, the matter than you still have the same MMR does not change one bit. The difference is that one guy is trying to win, while the other just want to be lazy. I had jungle games as those as well, and those times where I play afk jungle, feels like I shouldn't play jungle to begin with. When you are tired and play jungle you lose the desire to gank lanes, I play Nunu jungle a lot cause of this and I do more dragons and rifts when I am tired rather than ganking, but when I am more active I gank always and have wonderful games. The thing is, if you as jungler are tired and people flame you for not ganking you should realize that you are actually tired and super lazy to gank lanes. I'm going off-topic... End Topic: Don't LoL if you are there to play PVE, there are other games similar to LoL who specialize in pve grinding and are really good to keep you on going. Each role as a reason to exist. Support are champions who either follow their adc around or go roam as much as possible, including should focus highly on map awareness and warding, ADC's should focus on winning lane, Destroying their opponent's turret and than roaming to group with team. Top's job is either Splitpush as a fighters or play the tank role for a teamfight and group as often as they can. Junglers and mids roles are very split since they all focus on diffreant things, but assassin based champions in these roles should focus on roaming and helping out other lanes. I have seen way to many Talons, who can roam bot in 2 seconds but rather sits mid and asking for ganks. Same goes for Yi jungle, people thinks this guy is "get 2 items and become god", but that's how he was like 4 years ago, since then he has become much more of a ganker jungler and focus on winning early rather than late. Btw, if you want tips for roaming. Roam to the lane with the champion who has lots a CC. Nautilus support or top are just a lane every jungler should droll for, yet most *None CC junglers* ganks the freaking Zed or Yasuo mid who has 0 impact on the rest of the map and 0 CC as well. If they can't kill their opponent themselves, having a Kha'Zix jungler won't make the kill any easier.
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