im done

this is not whine, this is not for attention just informing you guys about my experience; Im a 25 year old male, i have been playing league of legends since season 2 on and off. I've been a ''perfect'' player all these years with that i mean i dont harras people i never flame others. lately i've only been playing support in ranked from gold 5 to diamond 5 i just got to diamond, and now the people that im playing with and against are just jerks to eachother. flaming blaming going afk and so forth. i've been in this league for 1 month not beeing able to climb, because my experience only goes this far. i have finally had it. after today im uninstalling league of legends for ever. the community has been to much to handle for me at this point, and let me add that they are not flaming me so much, but others in my team aswell and giving up after 5min mark and goes afk. This is just how I have experience the community lately, maybe someone would think this is overreaction, but it has reached my limit for toleration and i cant deal with how this community has become. Its just sad that people flame others rather then giving good critics. English is not my first language, spelling and grammar errors may occour.
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