We did it, we punish the toxic

Hi guys, Today we did it, we punish a toxic Jax. I played a ranked game as Thresh support and we had a Jax jungle. We won all the lanes and got feed, we had a feed Yasuo top, a feed Fitz mid and a feed Kalista bot. Jax did not had a great jungle, enemy warwick keep killing him in jungle, not everytime we could help him because we were fighting and winning ourselves on lane. Thing is we never flamed him, we didn't asked for ganks or blame him, and he was extremely toxic, curse us all, with all the extreme toxicity that people display (you know it). We told him just to relax and try to farm jungle because we don't need ganks because we win al the lane and it will be ok. Of course the replays where to get cancer, to kill ourselves and so on. Anyway late game we had like 40 kills over 18 enemy, we were all feed even Jax did not have extremely bad score, we took all enemies turrets and inhibitors and enemy took no turret for ours. But Jax keep flaming us and cursing us. I personally prefer an relax game and friendly even if it's a lose than to spend 40 min in toxicity and win, I imagine if that guy is so angry and toxic in a game that is easy win and we were doing so good, how toxic and angry he get in games that he lose, how toxic he could have been if score was reverse and enemy had 40 kills and all turrets over us and we go only 18 and no turrets. Well after last fight we acced and we were near open nexus and enemy had big respawn times so we could just end the game even if we went base the big minions would have finished the game. Then I write to my team, _"if this Jax is so toxic now and angry, imagine if we surrender how he will react"_ and WE DID IT :D we surrender in front of open nexus and I am pretty sure this Jax now he curse his life and smacks his head on the keyboard. He start cursing and writing in post game lobby while enemy laughing at him and we were writing, _"next time learn to respect your team and behave maybe you win games"_. It was a refreshing experience that we could teach a lesson to such player that create so bad experience in games and take the fun out of them and how he behave in a winning game I imagine was not just a bad mood and just an isolated incident i am sure that guy do that in every game and I can't think how he react in losing games. Maybe some of you will argue with me that we were stupid and trow LP to punish a troll that he will not care, but thing is LP come and go, games are loose or win, we were good player we can win other games so some LP it's not so important, and I am sure that guy will feel something maybe learn nothing but fur sure he will be affected by that. If the community take harder stand that they don't tolerate that kind of behavior maybe players wil learn better than just chat bans and accounts suspensions, maybe the toxic players wil learn that not RITO the EVIL company punish them for nothing, maybe they understand other players don't want them in their games they don't tolerate such behavior. Game supposed to be fun and a relaxing way to spend your day to shut off form real life which is many time hard and harsh, and spend some time doing something relaxing, nobody should go and have his brain smashed over and over by toxicity and all the fun farm games taken by people that don't understand this is an entertainment not a life and death situation. People have a lot of stress in their life they don't need stress in video games also. _**Thank you to my team for agreeing with me and join the surrender, I appreciate people that enjoy game in a friendly environment and don't create stress for others.**_
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