Simple solution for winning games with early feeders

Do I have your attention? Good! Someone had a bad early and is 0/3? His farm is very bad? UGH! Better ping him every second, flame and write "gg" on the chat. Laugh at his poor farm and make him feel even more horrible. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} What you can do that will actually help you win this time? - focus on your lane, do your best. - if you are fed, roam, help your team, even if you don't get a kill maybe enemy will stop being so confident with pushing and poking. - use your trinket wards as much as you can, buy control ward sometimes too. - go for some teamfights, maybe your teammates will get few kills and buy stuff they need. - don't chase after enemy, focus on taking objectives. - don't write with people and discuss the situation. - stop blaming others. Still lost? Well, at least you tried. You are a real fighter not some crybaby who wants to surr at 15. :)
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