Are we even allowed to use chat in this game?

Can we even use chat in this game? How is it bannable? Come on i cursed only in beginning and it wasnt towards any player in game... I was flamed through whole game cause i didnt take smite by accident and when im trying to defend myself im getting chat restriction? Come on. Game 3 ujdaz: fkin %%%%%h on facebook spamming my asss ujdaz: ty ujdaz: for? ujdaz: i dont troll ujdaz: and you curse all game ujdaz: how am i negative? ujdaz: i didnt say a thing for a whole game ujdaz: see who is negative here? ujdaz: report me cause i didnt take smite by accident ujdaz: when this lucian is cursing me whole game ujdaz: toxic kiddo ujdaz: grow up ujdaz: report me ujdaz: when my kda is already better than yas ujdaz: first time yas? ujdaz: :) ujdaz: u too <3 ujdaz: carried? ujdaz: by you> ujdaz: 8/12 yas? ujdaz: so are you yas ujdaz: no go 1v4 ujdaz: ? ujdaz: <3 ujdaz: u had 35 min to carry luci ujdaz: why dont carry? ujdaz: at least no 12 deaths ujdaz: like you ujdaz: im not trolling ujdaz: u could have ended ujdaz: wow ujdaz: gj vlad ujdaz: gg Here are other 2 games: Game 1 ujdaz: what dont know ujdaz: i hit everything ujdaz: what combos ujdaz: i did all ujdaz: reported ujdaz: me for? ujdaz: kid braum ujdaz: i dont do this ujdaz: u lost turret ujdaz: on ur lane ujdaz: in 14 min ujdaz: idc ujdaz: no ujdaz: you ujdaz: lol ujdaz: i used it ujdaz: properly ujdaz: yes ujdaz: go rewatch ujdaz: na ujdaz: i know ujdaz: u dont ujdaz: obviously ujdaz: if you say i failed q ujdaz: yep ujdaz: not gonna argue with you kiddo ujdaz: just report you ujdaz: for toxic ujdaz: you are toxic as fk :) ujdaz: u said about my mother ujdaz: typical kiddo ujdaz: u blame me ujdaz: all the time ujdaz: even tho im 0/2 ujdaz: for? ujdaz: lol ujdaz: braum is toxic af flames me all time and now says to report me xd ujdaz: learn from blitz ujdaz: than talk ujdaz: :) ujdaz: nah ujdaz: you lost ujdaz: :) ujdaz: kid ujdaz: flamer ujdaz: xd ujdaz: see this guy ujdaz: just report him ujdaz: u too ujdaz: and flame ujdaz: sad ujdaz: see? ujdaz: why me though? ujdaz: i dont troll and i dont curse ujdaz: i dont insult him though ujdaz: he was talking about my mother like typical kiddo ujdaz: see even he admits i didnt insult him ujdaz: whereas he does it all the time ujdaz: keep flaming plz ujdaz: i hope rito bans you ujdaz: we have toxic team at least like typical league of legends team when it comes to loosing ujdaz: i dont troll ujdaz: and u are toxic af ujdaz: gg Game 2 ujdaz: bronze/silver singed ujdaz: and its all clear ujdaz: reprot singed for banning my champ ujdaz: it was mine to pick it ujdaz: and u banned it so i cant play it ujdaz: xd ujdaz: u troll me and say that you mute me? ujdaz: xddd ujdaz: :) ujdaz: nice cs there singed :) ujdaz: 1/3 ujdaz: never sur ujdaz: we have singed ujdaz: he carry ujdaz: xd ujdaz: GG WP GUYS ujdaz: report singed for banning my champ ujdaz: i trollpick? ujdaz: i have better stats than you ujdaz: and carried you ujdaz: x9 for? ujdaz: i am best here ujdaz: toxic? ujdaz: HOW? ujdaz: HOW TROLLING? ujdaz: i went 13/5/13 and got only s in team ujdaz: and won ujdaz: u are silly singe ujdaz: u have 105 cs ujdaz: as singed ujdaz: and report me for? ujdaz: GG No curse towards anyone. No insults. All i did is pointing how toxic is my team cause i pick teemo jg (and go 13/5/13 but hey, still gotta flame when you loose ye?) or simply have bad game. There was some irony towards singed who INTENTIONALLY BANNED CHAMPION I WANTED TO PICK (Kayn cause it was new at that time) but come on its a game for ppl not for saint priests.... Also game 2 and game 3 you can easly say it was others who flamed me and i just tried to defend without going to insulting anyone. Except we are counting saying someone lost lane or has bad cs as "bad" things and absolutelty punishable. EDIT: It's just chat restriction so not a big deal. It's not about begging Riot to unban me. Its just simpy asking questions cause i really dont see anything punishable about these chat logs
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