How the %%%% get some players away with everything?

Basically every second game has some super toxic player. Do you really wanna tell me, the punishment system is working? Today: First game: Ahead early, lose 1 fight, Vi rage quits, game over after 5 minutes. Second game: normal game, at least 5v5 and no one flamed on our team. Third game: Braum ints for 8 minutes, flames everyone and goes afk. Returns every few minutes to flame a bit from base Before: Annivia flames everyone, wishes everyone in the team to get aids, uses her walls to kill teammates all game long Draven: "I hope your family dies" Morde: "I hope you get cancer" ^ all 3 are still "playing"(flaming, trolling) happily according to and so on...It's probably more fun to put my %%%% in the toaster than playing with this community. But of course the "riot is always right" guys here will now claim that those flames or not enough for instant punishment and that those players of course all just had 1 bad game and most likely never flamed again so it's perfectly fine they are not banned.
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