Riot. I find your system flawed.

{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I got myself Chatbanned _**big whoop, it happens**_ but i'm beginning to find a flaw in the League System when it comes to a few things regarding the chat-system which i want to bring up here... also some feedback from players and staffers might be appreciated too. I understand that the League Launcher has the option to block out foul language in game, so why are people not utilising it? I find it highly hypocritical that you'll enter a game which has this option and disable it when you find the language offensive in the first place... its akin to walking into a butcher shop with the expectation of seeing carrots hanging on the bloody hooks instead of the remnants of what was once a Cow. Further this game is becoming renown for its toxic player base, a toxicity that people can and will abuse considering one comment about the ADC's incompetence to fend off a 4 v 2 can spark an in fighting session so severe that the game is over before its begun, stressing out other players and leaving the perpetrator laughing all the way back to bronze while dragging everyone with him/her With the Ranked system so broken that we're seeing High and Low tiers intermingle, with an automated "Tribunal" system ripe for abuse, and with nobody in Riots upper echelons seemingly checking anything but their bank accounts as they provide skin after useless skin instead of the maps and game modes we need to keep the game fresh i feel that Riot is perpetuating this meme The game, at its core, is a good game but it induces so much stress because of how poorly its run in the background in my opinion. Players are being baited into bursting their top in game, the game modes are becoming stale increasing the stress factor as the same map is replayed time and again and with nobody providing overwatch on anything but the damn forums i feel its time that Riot takes a step back and takes a long hard look at thier game and even take a step into the shoes of a lower tier player when face to face with the feeders and trolls you dont often see in the upper tires beyond silver.
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