Constantly seeing "Lucker" but why?

I don't get it... I see it pretty often, at least once or twice a game and in the most recent game I played, it happened twice. Garen saying it to Teemo but then Alistar saying it to me later on. What happened was Alistar used the two spells he had (Exhaust and flash) and Ashe also used hers as well. I panicked and used heal and ghost before running towards the enemy side and going into the far away bush which was when my ghost wore off. I then ran back the way I was going to my base and if the Ashe had used her volley then I'd have died yet that's considered "Lucker" but... what does it really mean? If someone got off at 1 HP and lived then yes but them not using their skills to slow me down? Anyone know the reason why this phrase is getting so common like easy?

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