Am i banned?

In the 4:00 down server a friend of mine (that i was playing with) said that it appeared that i was &quot;banned&quot; (I dont know if this is true tho) i was banned 14 days and ive tried my best to not flame, and i putted to much money/time in this game, but i didnt received no email from riot saying something, i cant sleep now beacuse of this, should i be worried? -EDIT- ok so i was banned for flaming MYSELF and a %%%%ing FRIEND, im %%%%ing done i wasted to much money and time on this shit, here´s the log if you want Game 1 Pre-Game BakaPlays: i got A BakaPlays: not even A+ BakaPlays: %%%%ing bullshot BakaPlays: bullshit BakaPlays: i tried to farm BakaPlays: why dont go morg? BakaPlays: and i didnt farmed well beacuse i was aways low beacuse of the fights BakaPlays: okay then BakaPlays: will u ks me? BakaPlays: very well then BakaPlays: some bard %%%%s do that BakaPlays: okay :p BakaPlays: %%%%ing akali.. In-Game BakaPlays: why i flashed BakaPlays: it was worthless BakaPlays: im a %%%%ing noob BakaPlays: yasuo BakaPlays: that focus is %%%%ing trash BakaPlays: yeah BakaPlays: you focused the wrong person while we were gettingg raped BakaPlays: plz jaxc BakaPlays: this damage is so bullshit BakaPlays: do you not have any empathy for humanity left to go with "akali" BakaPlays: to go to akali you must %%%%ing sell your soul to the devil BakaPlays: just change your BakaPlays: JUST CHANGE YOUR %%%%ING USERNAME TO "DEVIL´S %%%%ING %%%%%%ED CHILD" BakaPlays: who reported BakaPlays: yes BakaPlays: this akali is unstopable BakaPlays: WHO SAID JNO? BakaPlays: can i sugest something akali? BakaPlays: can i? BakaPlays: did you ever thought suicide? it would be good for your mental health and the health of the people near you. BakaPlays: np :v BakaPlays: de nada puta BakaPlays: agr faz-ne uma zandes BakaPlays: im frm portugal BakaPlays: wait and ure im euw? BakaPlays: it rly is BakaPlays: u should still BakaPlays: %%% tho BakaPlays: just saying :^) BakaPlays: ??? BakaPlays: im joking with him dude BakaPlays: he understands that im joking with him wtf BakaPlays: if anyone here should %%% it would be me BakaPlays: no BakaPlays: the only one that i desire dead is myself BakaPlays: everyone but you understands that im joking BakaPlays: gg tho BakaPlays: if i could i would honnor akali BakaPlays: ofc BakaPlays: what u studying? BakaPlays: oh cool BakaPlays: what in medicine? BakaPlays: yeah i bet :/ BakaPlays: i dont doubt it BakaPlays: thats everywhere tho BakaPlays: u should come to portugal <3 BakaPlays: well good luck in your course :9 BakaPlays: im going to dental medicine BakaPlays: im father is already a dentist so BakaPlays: i guess BakaPlays: i want to have money to buy more scrub skins BakaPlays: OMG THE HEALLLLLLLLLLLLL BakaPlays: gg akali BakaPlays: u carried this shit THE AKALI IS MY FRIEND
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