Why some people should get banned ...

Dear Riot.... we all know, that your stupid ass "anti-flamer-tool" is just a word-filter. and if you say its not, you r lying !! but the fun part is....flamers arent even the problem. its the attitude of some players. for example: a player-X is playing okay-ish, and his jungler is sitting the shit out of him, whats ok, its his job. the result is: player-X will get ahead of his enemy laner, even if he doesnt kill him, the enemy laner will get less gold = weaker. and now problem is going to start. his ego is sky rocketing and hes thinking that he is the best player in the world and start to provoke his enemy laner. for example: dude you are so bad,....come 1n1 me if you dare.....bla bla. thats the real problem of this community: people playing like shit,... if they get ahead, their ego becomes huge. if they lose, they start blaming....BLAMING !! not flaming. because its the junglers fault that they are losing their lane without jungle presure.. thats pretty one of the worst type of player....a flamer nothing comared to this! if a flamer tells me "fuck you, you son of a bitch" i wouldnt care, but if he is making a mistake and blaming me for not autowinning the game....well.... My question is: Why does Riot nothing against this kind of players? You may say "ofc they are doing something against them".....no they dont. i have another smurf and iam blaming like a madman (not cursing) with it and i didnt even get a chatristriction on them. with this account iam flaming....and i got already 2 chat restrictions. btw, i play the same amount of games with both accounts.
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