Toxicity and the vanishing desire to play this game

I am fed up with "players" in bronze/silver flaming one another for the stupidest reasons even though they are not doing any better and are not even slightly better than the others. It is so frustrating to play a game where you get told stuff like "Stop inting you idiot", "you are such a noob", "deinstall the game you %%%%", "thanks for losing the game idiot", "try playing with your brain switched on next time", for reasons like playing against a champ one just can't play against due to lack of experience and thus dying. I would totally agree if it were just me "feeding", but when my whole team has the same stats as me, and thinks they still have the right to tell me stuff I mentioned above, I am just absolutely infuriated with such people being allowed to play on and on. I think League of Legends is an amazing game. Every time I switch my computer on, I am super hyped about playing it. But because of people like that, I am more and more disgusted by what has become of a game where teamwork and friendly communication should be of essence. I find less and less reason to play on such a wonderful game, which really is a shame for me. Now a lot of people will dislike this post and comment stuff like "stfu u %%%%%, deal with it if you suck", but I just like to believe that there are still people who know what it means to be supportive of others when they have a hard time. Thanks for your time, Yaromon
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