I just got ban for 2 weeks

I took the ban for 2 weeks because I cursed. ok I agree with that I really cursed .... but why riot let all kids play this game why those who play ranked and have 1/12 3/15 scores and so on. how not to curse when you are in the promotion and have a team that all have scores of 0/10 1/11 4/15 and finally after you try to play something they accusing you are noob with a score of 5/6 and that you are noob that you have 780k experience on a hero. how to play with such specimens without getting nervous. I know many pro players will agree with me and have gone through situations like that. my question is why revolt does nothing with those who ruin the games. you feed once you give the second warning you give the ban on the rank to play normally until you learn to play.
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