Are bans becoming harsher?.

Hi everyone, So I've seen quite a few posts from people recently from people receiving either 14 day bans, or even permanent bans. The posters have provided that chat logs and I have to say, for a few of them I believe a 14 day ban is pretty harsh. Every. Single. Game I play there is someone being toxic. Once or twice I'm afraid to admit, its me. I've called someone a moron or an idiot before, but if Jungle "ganks" your lane when hes on 25% health and gives your lane a free kill, and then shouts at you for it (and its on one of your promo games), its difficult not to respond angrily. We are after all, human. (I'de like to point out that never have I wished personal harm or "cancer" on any fellow players. People who do that deserve and immediate perma ban". I dont get reported often. Ive been playing the game 3 years and I've never had a ban or a warning. So whats your thoughts?. Are Riot getting harsher, or are they simply trying to make and example out of the odd player. EDIT: From what I've been reading in the comments, if half of those stories are true then that just not right. I hate the idea of people getting banned without it being seen by a Tribunal. Whats to say your not put in with a group of 4 pre-mades and you dont play very well. You piss them off, and they all report you. So thats 4 reports. Is that an instant two week ban?, because it seems like this could happen. Instant permanent bans in my opinion should only be handed out to those who either wish death on plays and or there families. Getting an instant ban for saying "Your an idiot" is utterly ridiculous.
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