So today i had one more game to play for g4 and i started my day right by playing crash mind over titans and watch the s7 of game of thrones so i was like am having a really good day lets make it better.So i get into a game and at the champ select my supp morg was just so negativeeeeeeeeee "we are going to lose" "mid will feed" "watch us lose" " i know that someone will feed.int afk lets make it quick and ff at 15" and am sitting there like whaaaaaaaaaaat? i typed " dude am going to win even if it means carrying you,1v9 " . So we get into the game i picked ww so i can gank and help and finish the game early.SHE FLAMED EVERY SINGLE TIME her adc did something wrong "NOOB ADC" "BRONZE FARM" "i cant play with you"so i did the only thing i =know mute and play. I went 17 4 if only you know the effort i put into winning that fiesta of a game i managed to give most of the kills to my laners (4 kills to my mid in 6 mins) ,tilt the enemy mid and basically 1v9.So i type in the chat "see morg?" and she answers "adc is useless".Again being negative he was a good player but really really negative and toxic which makes my mad that his potenial is high but his character is ..........
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