This is such a shitshow right now

There isn't a single game without complete wankers in both teams. There's absolutely no team effort to take objectives - whenever your team is ahead - you can bet your ass that they won'T group up and push a lane, they push the minions a bit, and run away from the tower as soon as the minions land at it. Then they go into an empty jungle, the river, or wherever the %%%% else they think they can pick off someone and get themselves killed. On top of that you get straight out trolls. Not just your regular "I got autofilled, I don't know how to play Support. I pick Panth with Corruption Potion and won't do shit" - won't stop him from trying to tell everyone else what to do. And whenever your team is ahead you can be sure that your bruisers and tanks will start throwing by picking a fight whenever and wherever they can - why? Because they are too strong and can fight 1v2 to 1v3 - just that they can't get it through their skull that when you don't know where the rest is, you don't know that maybe they turn out to be more than you had thought. And then of course your run of the mill Nasus that deliberately wants to lose fights so he can stack more and more so he can maybe, eventually win one of those 1v5 fights he lost for 10 minutes in a row already. Seriously - run some reports on where people actually run around in late game, it's definitely not in the lane to push something. That's how absolutely %%%%ed the game is right now. PS: S1 right now - it wasn't that much of a shit show in S7. It only got bad in S8 and now it's just a completely mental. PPS: Hands down, 40% smurf rate that doesn't give a shit

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