"Last pick support"

Hello summoners, this is going to be another rant, so brace yourselves. Played Draft yesterday. Team captain completely ignored the team asking to ban champions...which is nothing unusual. When it came to calling lanes, I said "I'd like to mid or support if possible please". Got a "LAST PICK SUPPORT" in return. Now, I don't mind going support, I'm a support main after all but **there is so much wrong with this mentality**. Not to mention I was premade with 2 friends in that game and one of them can play support very well so she could have gone support instead of me but damn... _It feels like being Support is some kind of punishment for being unlucky and becoming the last pick._ Why nobody wants to play the role is beyond me but let's leave that out of it. Seriously though, why force last pick to go support when maybe they can do another role better than say...second pick? I just can't wrap my head around it, don't understand it...at all. Oh and the Vayne proceeded to flame my friend for not taking Teleport as Shyvana top, flame me when he died while I wasn't even in lane and generally be a super toxic jerk. Until we started winning that is. Then he suddenly turned into Mr. Nice Guy.
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