Need Advice on something I noticed when playing with friends(its not about them playing bad!)

Hi awesome people, When I dont play ranked I play normals with friends, I have two groups one from back then when I was in highschool and one is my Asian group, no racist or something I am Asian myself. In the last days I played with my Asian group again and boy I had so much fun, not because we won, because we enjoyed our trolly attitude, we talked so much shit and celebrated stuff like our lee sin + irelia bot or ad azir top lane, we were laughing 24/7, I dont remember when I had this much fun playing this game when playing with my close friend highschool group. My "problem" is that when I play with my highschool friends. I really dislike the toxic behaviour, our midlaner is a really nice IRL but once he is in League he turns into a toxic gamer who wants to be the main character of the anime and FFs everytime when he dies even though we are ahead, our main jungler is always complaining about how nice the game was back in the days ( well season4), our bot lane is actually having fun but their mood is getting dragged down by our two "toxic" mates. We love ourselves as a group when me meet IRL and we really want to play this game together. But after I experienced playing with my Asian group I realized how fun this game can actually get, and how fun this game was for me back then since I used to play a lot with them. I really want to enjoy this game with my highschool group like with my Asian group. Do you have any advice for me on how to suport my higschool friends on having fun and enjoying this game? Thank you a lot in advance!
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