The Life of a Jungler

Okay, I've always mained jungle and I like the role; it's what suits me best. There's just one issue: every single game I play I am flamed whether I'm dealing the most damage both to players and objectives or if I'm doing worse than one of my team mates. For example, for the last three games of ranked I have played I have been called a r*tard and the thing is, I can mute them sure. But if you're going to tell me that you do not retaliate with a toxic message or even avoiding trigger words just commenting on their poor gameplay you're a liar. I've reported these people yet nothing gets done however because the community is filled with brilliant and intelligent specimens its usually me that comes out to be the bad one because their simpleton mind set is: "he do bad me report!" and they side WITH the flamer. Riot games, what the f*ck is going on with this community? If they're not getting punished I'd rather not lose hundreds of pounds worth of skins because I got frustrated and told someone to p*ss off and to s*ut the f**k up like cmon? I'm not banned now and I am yet to be but I'm neither going to confirm nor deny previous accounts or anything of the sort I'm just saying I expect the tribunal system to pickup the few messages I send if I don't block them and get penalized before them. Seeing as (like it or not) a large amount of your playerbase gets banned because of toxicity per year, can you not just implement a **"permanently remove chat"** feature which gives a prompt warning you that this feature is **irreversible**? Let's be real, if you add a "remove chat" option, people instinctively turn it off, and if they see a poor play or want to flame like the three previous people on my team and will then turn it straight back on again to flame. I understand that there is the incentive to let players get banned as you anticipate them creating a new account and investing more money into a separate account (which is disgusting). If that is too much to ask why can't there be a 'point' system attached to the Tribunal System. For example, if there are external sources of flame coming from other team mates leading to that person's eventual retaliation make their points be negated by say half the amount they use to flame and if they reach say a sum of 10 in total that game or in the past 3 games give them a chat ban? I want to see the community's feedback to this, I expect a lot of stupid comments like there always are but constructive ones are always welcome.
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